Writer. Director. Camera. Editor. Filmmaker.

Stats: The Eminem of Indie Film.

Creator of 10 Feature Films in the last 20 years. 
Degree: Majored in Creating High-Def Dopeness.
Future Baby Mama: Norah Jones
Fun Facts: My 3rd film, "Insane in the Brain", a 70's afro-zomedy was inspired by my love for Rudy Ray Moore movies!

The original script name of "Kracker Jack'd" was "Sickle Cell Psycho". "Block Burner" based on the life of Young Block was all improv, no script, first-time actors, and I shot the WHOLE feature without a crew! 


2020: My ambitions for this year include having a red-carpet premiere my new movie, break up with Lil Debbie, find the prototype & fall in love, start a music talk show, buy a new Outkast CD & learn how to do The Hustle...more coffee please;)

My Feature Films:

Boss Moves (2020) Co-Director. Camera. Editor.

Me and Mrs Jones (2019) Co-Director. Actor. Editor.
Trapp Life (2013) Director. Camera. Editor.
Block Burner (2012) Director. Camera. Editor.
Grind2Shine (2007) Director. Camera. Editor.
Neck of da Woodz (2006) Co-Director. Camera. Editor. Score.
Everything Means Nothing (2005) Director. Camera. 
Insane in the Brain (2004) Writer. Director. Editor.
Kracker Jack'd (2003) Writer. Director. Editor.
2Heads1Brain (2001) Writer. Director.
Awards &

Best Actor

in a 

Feature Film


Rendezvous Film Festival 2019

"Me and Mrs Jones" was selected and premiered at The Rendezvous Film Festival 2019.

Rendezvous Film Festival 2019-Award Winner

I won "Best Actor in a Feature Film for the role of Jack in "Me and Mrs Jones" at The Rendezvous Film Festival 2019.

Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2019

"Me and Mrs Jones" was selected and showcased at The Peachtree Village International Film Festival 2019.


"Kracker Jack'd" at San Marco Theatre-2002

"Insane in the Brain" at Boomtown-2004

"Grind2Shine" at The Florida Theatre-2007

"Trapp Life" at The Sun-Ray Theatre-2013

"Me and Mrs Jones" at Cuba Libre-2019

Behind the Camera

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